In addition to her dissertation research, Liz is collaborating on several other works-in-progress related to political organizing in the US and Brazil:

How Movements Build Power: As part of the P3 Lab at UCSB, Liz and Hahrie Han are conducting a comparative analysis of social movement organizations (SMOs) and social movement networks (SMNs) in Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia. The project integrates insights from the management, organization, and social movement literatures to generate testable propositions about the way internal organizational structures, practices, and processes affect a SMO’s ability to alter political power deficits.

The Boycott that Never Was: Why do citizens repeatedly sanction certain targets, while other known-culprits escape reproach? To answer this question, Liz and Maria Paola Ometto (University of Alberta; Fundação Getúlio Vargas) are conducting a multi-method study that consists of in-depth interviews, comparative historical research, and natural language processing (NLP) and text mining to build a database of over 5,000 contentious political actions spanning three decades in Brazil.

Hillary for America (HFA) Field Inquiry: With support from two non-profit, research-oriented philanthropic institutions, Liz and Hahrie Han are co-Principal Investigators on a study of the 2016 Clinton campaign’s ground game. In early 2017, Liz, Hahrie, and their research team conducted in-depth interviews with over 100 former HFA staff and volunteers from the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters and all battleground states.

Making Protest Count: Liz’s master’s research assesses the impact of social movement organizational capacity in the digital age. Drawing on newspaper coverage of 418 protest events, eight months of fieldwork conducted over a four-year period in Brazil, direct observation at 26 protest events, and 60 interviews, the research assesses the level and nature of power built by formal social movement organizations (SMO) as compared to their digitally enabled counterparts.

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