Political campaign participation over time

The American National Elections Study (ANES) time-series study has a couple of political mobilization questions:

(Coded as rally): Did you go to any political meetings, rallies, speeches, dinners, or things like that in support of a particular candidate?

(Coded as button): Did you wear a campaign button, put a campaign sticker on your car, or place a sign in your window or in front of your house?

(Coded as campaigned): Did you do any (other) work for one of the parties or candidates?

Here’s the GitHub repo with the code and documentation. The button question was not asked in 1952, which is a shame because that was probably a banner year for I Like Ike chum.


Below are some analyses of these question responses wrt party and ideology.

(Coded as party): What political party are you registered with, if any?


(Coded as libcons): We hear a lot of talk these days about liberals and conservatives. Here is a seven-point scale on which the political views that people might hold are arranged from extremely liberal to extremely conservative. Where would you place the Democratic Party {on this scale}? (7-POINT SCALE SHOWN TO R). First graph collapses 1-3 and 5-7.



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